The Amazing Wartburg Castle

The Amazing Wartburg Castle

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A Day Spent in Wartburg Castle


Here I go again…another search for a Castle in Germany.  Our trip this time took us to the Amazing Wartburg Castle.  Wartburg Castle was originally built in the Middle Ages,  we when we think of old–this castle is in amazing condition for being built in the Middle Ages.  It has been added by UNESCO in 1999 to the World Heritage List.

Martin Luther

And if you are Luthern, you may know it as the place that Martin Luther translated the bible. From

1521 to 1522 Martin Luther stayed in Wartburg Castle under an alias; Junker Jorg.  During this time he translated the New Testament from ancient Greek into German in only 1o weeks.  This is the actual desk that he sat at, and the green “furnace” is what heated the room he stayed in.

Arriving at  Wartburg Castle

If you have read my other posts about castles, you know that they are not built on low ground, they are usually built at the top of a mountain; and Wartburg Castle is no different.  There was a long walkway up from the parking.  Wartburg castle is seated some 400 m above the countryside, most of which is a nice sidewalk- UP~

The entry is impressive and while I am not an engineer, the pulleys that open the massive gate in the front is a site to behold.

Inside Wartburg Castle

One of the first places that you see is the Knight’s bath, it looks just like a hot tub, without the jets!

The baths are right in the courtyard, imagine the Knight’s getting back to the Castle after a spending all day on a horse.. I hope they had a way to change out the water frequently:)

Room of tiles

This was such an impressive room, I wish at the time I had gotten better pictures.  The entire room was tiny ceramic tiles, it was so amazing the colors were still bright and vibrant and how they accomplished this I have no idea.

Individual rooms of Wartburg Castle

The Castle has many of the original furnishings, though when you look at them they are very austere.  There is not much in the way of luxuries at this castle. It is amazing that they have been able to keep what is in the castle in such amazing condition.



Castle extras; Bedroom and Knight’s room

There are several sets of Armour and weapons in the weapon room.  These are always cool to see and if you have kids with you they will really spur the imagination.  How the Knights were able to move is beyond me, much less ride horses and fight!

Views and outside buildings

I hope you enjoyed the tour through Wartburg Castle, it was amazing and if you are in the area of Eisenach take a moment and stop by the castle you won’t be disappointed.



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