3 Amazing Places to Visit in The Black Forest

3 Amazing Places to Visit in The Black Forest

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Three Amazing Places to Visit in The Black Forest

I wanted to take a drive through the Black Forest so of course, my first thought was- what Castles are there to see.  I found two Castles/Palaces and a cool Glass Blowing shop.

1. Karlsruhe Palace

We started our journey from Landstuhl and drove down to Karlsruhe Germany.  This is a beautiful little town and they have the amazing Karlsruhe Palace.  The Palace is breathtaking from the outside as it is a massive building, it has all the government offices located inside.  Unfortunately, it was undergoing renovations and we were unable to go inside.


Karlsruhe Palace was built in 1715 and the city of Karlsruhe grew up around it.


We took a moment and strolled through the gardens which were beautiful and peaceful, well mostly if you take into account the statues of the dragon slayers!.

Karlsruhe town

We made our way into town and found a nice outside cafe to sit and have lunch at.  Located just down the street was a nice farmers market and I couldn’t resist the fresh and oh so tasty red raspberries!  The marketplatz is close to the palace and has many shopping places.


2. Glass Blowing Shop- website

Having eaten we programmed our next stop into the GPS and headed down the road further into the Black Forest.  This is a huge area in Germany and I didn’t allow us near enough time to stop and see all the sights, crammed a lot into two days though.  The countryside was beautiful and driving anywhere in Germany is always a feast for the eyes.

We arrived at the Glass Blowing shop thankfully on a day when they did not have any bus tours stopping by so we were the only ones in the shop!  That being said we got front row seats to see how the glass is blown.  My daughter was pulled up on the platform where the demonstrations are done and she was given the opportunity to pick colors and actually blow her own vase.  It was very cool to watch the entire process, it is definitely an art.

Inside there is also a glass museum with a history of glass blowing.

Once we went through the glass blowing plant there was a cool place for kids to play with some funky mirrors, so of course, we played with the mirrors–we really are taller than 36 inches!

The best part was the amazing gift shop of course–my favorite place!  I bought a couple of cool pieces one being a multi-color dolphin as those are my favorite sea animals.

3. Hohenzollern Castle

This was an amazing castle perched high upon a mountain.  Though I was not sure what to expect, it far exceeded my expectations.  Because of this, I have written an entire post just on the castle which you can read here…

There is so much to see all throughout Germany, I hope you enjoyed the peek inside our Black Forest trip.



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