The Amazing Hohenzollern Castle

The Amazing Hohenzollern Castle

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Visiting the Amazing Hohenzollern Castle was a fantastic experience filled with amazing architecture and views.

One cannot live in Germany and not visit the iconic Black Forest.  We had an itinerary planned which included two castles and a glass blowing shop.  As we drove along following the GPS directions, we kept looking around at the beautiful German countryside– there are no bad views in Germany they are all amazing.  Then suddenly we came around a curve and I noticed a castle on the top of a mountain, I wondered if that was where we were headed and it was!  We got more excited the closer we got!

Arriving at Hohenzollern Castle

We came around the mountain and arrived at the parking lot, which was still quite a ways from the Castle– there is a van but being in the spirit of let’s get some exercise, we started up the many many steps to the top of the mountain.  This was exhausting and if you are not up to a zillion steps, I would advise taking the shuttle:) As you can see, my daughter was not happy with the step option!

History of Hohenzollern Castle

Hohenzollern Castle has been called home by Swabian counts, princes and the Kings of Prussia, and was originally built in the 15th century–a really long time ago:) The Castle is nestled in the center of Baden-Wurttemberg and is set upon mount Zoller.  The views from the castle are amazing and you can see more then 100 KM in any direction.

Amazingly enough, the castle is still owned by the Prussian line and the Swabian Royal House of the Hohenzollern.  The current owner is Prince George Frederick of Prussia and I really appreciate his allowing the Castle to be open to the public, I am not the only one- over 350,000 people visit Hohenzollern Castle every year.

Outside of Hohenzollern Castle

The outside of the Castle has many different entrances and torrents and winding roads. I love taking pictures of the massive doors and torrents.

Inside Hohenzollern Castle

The rooms inside the castle are amazing and you can visit the Counts’ Hall and Blue Salon, there are many armors of past Knights in the Treasure Chamber.


Amazing Views

There were so views from the castle that was breathtaking, I couldn’t get enough of them!


The Castle has an amazing history of Kings who have lived there and are buried, given my love of statues you know I had to take some pictures of the amazing men.


We rode the bus back down as this is a huge castle and we were pretty tired at the end of our tour- but we were so happy we got to visit such an amazing castle!

I hope you enjoyed the brief look at Hohenzollern Castle!   



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