Visiting Versailles- A Chateau to Remember

Visiting Versailles- A Chateau to Remember

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Visiting Versailles-A Chateau to Remember

Our trip to Paris included a fairytale castle, the Chateau de Versailles.  If you have watched the Netflix show “Versailles”, or studied French history you know that Versailles was first visited by Louis XIII in 1607 during a hunting trip.  This started the magical evolution from a small hunting lodge built in 1623 to the grand palace it is today.  There is so much history within the walls of the Chateau which are displayed through towering painting and beautiful tapestries.   I am going to give you a brief tour of what we saw and a few tips that may help you if you chose to visit.

Main Gates of Versailles

When you approach Versailles the first thing you see is the beautiful gold gates, and lines of people.  I am not kidding there were hundreds of people snaking in lines that took 2-3 hours standing in the sun to get to the area where you buy your tickets.  I did not buy our tickets beforehand and wish I had.  Viator has several great deals on buying tickets with skip the line abilities.  I highly recommend purchasing an option for skipping the line. (Viator has some great packages available).

The main building when you walk through the gates is beautiful and I can’t imagine the amount of gold that has been used to paint everything gold. 

Inside Versailles

The inside of Versailles is breathtaking, every room is filled with history and grandeur.  Walking through it is like stepping back in time.  I especially love the paintings the ones hanging are portraits and tell of battles and life in France.  The ones on the ceilings are equally as stunning.

There is actually one long hallway that is all huge paintings of French battles.

Living Spaces

It wouldn’t be the same without the authentic furniture and tapestries that were there in the 1600’s.  The rooms were authentic for the time period and wonderfully decorated.

Hall of Mirrors

One of the more famous rooms in Versailles is the hall of mirrors, it is as stunning as it sounds and was amazing to view.

Artesian Work

Along with paintings and mirrors, there is amazing work done by the Artesian’s of the time.  Beautiful statues and marble work that give a testament to the crafters of the time period. This fireplace was easily 6 feet across at the opening


If you have the time I would recommend spending two days at Versailles.  We spent so much time in line and in the Chateau that by the end of the day we were exhausted and did not have the energy for the gardens- it had started raining as well.  Here are some pictures though from inside Versailles looking out at the gardens.

Hallways and Cathedrals

I am always struck by how wide the hallways were in the many palaces and chateaus that we visited, Versailles is no different and had many lengthy hallways and cathedral ceilings.



If you enjoyed a walk through Versailles, check out another “hunting palace” in my post on the Palace of Fontainebleau.













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