A Trip to Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

A Trip to Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

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A Day Trip to Mt. Pilatus, Switzerland

As we were leaving Lucerne we had some extra time and so I looked in our Atlas to see if there were any points of interest around Lucerne.  Now I know this is antiquated as our trip was in 2012 and today I would have searched Pinterest prior to going to Lucerne and would have had lots of great information on Mt. Pilatus.  Unfortunately, I had an atlas and noticed a red whirly-bird symbol, indicating a “lookout- 360′ panorama”, well that looked interesting so I suggested my husband head that way.  I found out that the place to catch the cable car in Kriens.

Mt. Pilatus soars above the area a full 2128 meters,  and on a clear day, you can see over 73 Alpine peaks.  It was slightly hazy the day we were there but still beautiful!  There is so much to do once you reach the peak, there is a hotel and restaurants where you can spend time watching the cable cars come in and out or the sunrise if you are lucky enough to spend the night.   We went by  Pilu Land and saw many families playing in the play areas and walking through the rope park.  We noticed the toboggan run and agreed to give that a try on the way down.

Cable Car Ride

This was the first time we had been in a cable car and though not afraid of heights every time we went through a tower it jolted- for the skiers out there I am sure this is no big deal.  But…it took a couple of towers before my daughter and I stopped flinching. The higher we got the more beautiful the scenery, Switzerland is a very scenic and beautiful country.


Top of Pilatus

When we arrived at the top we walked around and viewed the mountains from every angle and side possible.  There is a radio tower on one side and we walked up the stairs to this platform.  Word of caution, you are already very high up and these stairs are deceiving, you will be out of breath at the top!! Notice how they zigzag to the top!

Lucerne Lake

It was hard for us to believe after the ride up that we were looking at the lake we had just visited, Lucerne Lake.  

Views from the Top

There was an amazing little church on a rock outcropping, I am not sure who goes to this church or even if it is being used as a church but it is very pretty sitting on the outcropping.

Toboggan Run

As I mentioned, we noticed the toboggan run from the cable cars- and stopped to have some fun on the way down.  You are basically in control of your speed with a lever that is a brake so for those who are into speed- go for it.  The run is metal and you can pick up some speed as you twist and turn down the mountain through tunnels and over bridges–and if you come out of the last shute to fast on your way to the stopping point the guys at the end will yell at you to slow down! The run is the longest toboggan run in Switzerland at 1350 meters!!

Now I did not have a go pro or an iPhone at the time, I had a Sanyo camera that took videos.  On the way down I was hanging on but when you were done in able for you to get back to the top they hooked your sled onto a wire and it pulled you back up the mountain backward!  And that I did record with my camera, notice how close the cows get!

I hope you had a chance to read my other posts on our trip through Switzerland- Bern and Lucerne!




Switzerland is a beautiful country I would encourage everyone to visit at least once in a lifetime! Here is another  link for more information on Mt. Pilatus.






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