Fontainebleau Chateau – a Beautiful Hunting Palace

Fontainebleau Chateau – a Beautiful Hunting Palace

Visiting Fontainebleau Chateau

On the way back from Paris I had the good fortune to live out a dream I have had since I was in 7th grade French class to visit a place called Fontainebleau- what is it my husband asks.  Honestly- I thought it was another castle, in reality, it was a favored hunting lodge of the kings of France.  Fontainebleau was the largest of the French Royal Chateaus- so I guess it is a castle of sorts, more of a Palace by french standards.


Built in the 12th Century, around 1137 it was a favored place for French Royals to escape Paris which is 34 miles north of Fontainebleau.


First Impressions

Upon walking up to the huge U shape of Fontainebleau one is in awe of the grandness of it, I couldn’t wait to get inside and was not disappointed when we did.  It was a beautiful day with blue skies and a few puffy clouds.  There is a grand staircase that is so huge I can’t image how many people used it at once.



As we walked inside I was just in awe of the beautiful architecture, I love the ceilings the painting is just amazing.


The bedrooms are elaborate and I am always in awe of how small the beds were!  I love my king sized bed and cannot image sleeping even alone in one of these beds-each room is has an elaborate fireplace, everything is beautiful down to the chamber pots!



The Chapel inside was very pretty, as I stood there I thought of all the Kings that had been within that Chapel.  It is amazing to thing of many centuries of Kings who sat within it.


Huge and wide hallways, paintings along with walls tell a story of great hunts and or battles. Yes I made my daughter listen to the oral history of the castle, after several weeks going throughout Europe she became quite shocked by how much history she had missed in school.  Which is why traveling is a great way for people to learn about history hands on!


Outside of the Chateau and grounds

Not only is the inside of the Chateau beautiful but the outside of the Chateau is just as ornate and beautiful.


As with most Chateau’s, this one is filled with statues beautifully sculptured statues. I do love statues


Not to be overshadowed by the hunting lodge, the gardens were equally as beautiful- we walked throughout them and enjoyed them.




I hope you have enjoyed your journey through Fontainebleau Palace, you can see more videos and pictures here-

If I have peaked your interest please google the castle, the NY Times has a great story on it as well. My apologies the pictures were taken prior to having a blog, so those are my family pictures!

Here is a great video by European Waterways

And of course Rick Steves’



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