What is your Motivation to Work Out? 2 Ways to get moving now!

What is your Motivation to Work Out? 2 Ways to get moving now!

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What motivates you to work out- here are two things that that motivate me to get moving and into my gym clothes!

Do you have days where there is no motivation to work out? I am not going to lie, I had no intention of getting up on Saturday morning and doing my Friday morning workout (I had skipped it on Friday).  So I was laying there at 6 am wondering why I can never sleep in on the weekend…I reached for my phone and started scrolling through social media…facebook, twitter, Instagram…you know how this goes—an hour later I am still in bed- how am I going to get motivated to get up and work out now?? Here are 2 easy ways to get up and start moving!


Social Media

Social media can eat up hours of time….how many people wake up with the intent to go to the gym and get caught up in social media instead?  I know I have- and I kick myself later when I realize social media did nothing for me but eat up time. 

#1 way to get moving is to use social media to motivate you instead of distracting you!  If you are working out chances are you have a competitive spirit  – Use that to drive yourself- I follow many people on Instagram that are fitness enthusiasts and their posts get me motivated every time.

This particular morning I decided to look at how much sleep my Fitbit recorded and got on the Fitbit feed and saw all these people posting pictures..apparently, it is Flex Friday on the Fitbit app.

I am in South Korea so my Saturday morning was Friday in the states…  so I was looking at these motivational pictures that people posted and I thought…get your butt out of bed and go do that workout!!!  What a great motivator social media ended up being for me!!  

What motivates you to get out of bed and work out?, or finish a long day at work and make the time and effort to head to the gym?  We all have different motivations-I am trying to keep healthy and fit for our travels that is what motivates me!  Plus hate it when my clothes get tight, I am not going to lie, I hate spending money on clothes!:(

I have always worked out, I was in athletics in middle school and high school and have continued to work out as I went to college, got married, had children—fitness has been one thing that I have maintained through it all.


Fitness Requirements

As a Navy Reservist, I am required to perform a fitness test every 6 months.  This is motivation as well.  In addition, I turned 50 this past year and yes that is a huge wake-up call.  Things start shifting and your body changes just looking at food. 

50 – I have lived well over ½ my life now—am I going to stay healthy and how am I going to do this?—what physical challenges will I face in the next 20-30 years? Reflection is a good thing–  how many medications do I take, how many pounds overweight am I, how hard is it to climb a flight of stairs? Answers: 2-5ish-and not too bad:)  Yeah me!!

How can I make changes now so that in 10 years I can still say I am healthy? These are things I ask myself now on a regular basis.   The clock is ticking!!

While I love the gym- I have mostly worked out at home for the last 22 years.  Living outside of town for many of those did not allow for quick trips to the gym, being a busy mom, having animals to care for, school activities.—life often gets in the way of getting to the gym no matter what your age is.

Online Programs

#2 find a gym or an online workout series you can get into and immerse yourself in it!  I have turned to the fitness experts who create wonderful programs I can do in the comfort of my own home.  There are many online fitness classes you can have and participate in whenever it is convenient for you!

If you are into yoga or have ever thought of trying  Yoga- Myyogaworks.com has great online classes which you can try for free for 14 days. If you are unsure if yoga is your thing, give it a try.  The great thing about yoga is you do not have to have any skill–you can start and adapt the classes as you improve!

I have purchased many fitness videos over the years and dvd’s .  I have enjoyed many of them but in the last 10 years or so I have focused on the Beachbody series.  For a while I did the P90X when it first came out, that was a great series which put me in excellent condition- but you have to dedicate 1 hour a day and 6-7 days a week for Tony!


Currently, I am hooked on the ChaLEAN Extreme series.  I have completed this series twice and always come back to it…I have tried the 21 day fix, Hammer and Chisel, T25, Body Beast, Brazilian butt lift, and Yoga.  Each time try a new one  I always come back to ChaLEAN.  Working out to the three-phase circuit training system of ChaLEAN Extreme is a good workout and ChaLEAN is fun and motivating as well.

ChaLEAN is energetic and upbeat from the beginning of the video’s, and in all that positivity she tells you it is ok to fail- wait what- failure is a good thing??- if you are lifting so heavy that if you make it to the 10th rep and cannot get to the 12th—it is OK!!!   That is great!!!  The workouts do not focus on continuous repetitions- she focuses on form and using different muscle groups-fewer repetitions and heavier weights.

Another thing I like about ChaLEAN is the fact that she tells you the muscles you are working.  Hamstrings, booty, anterior, medial and posterior deltoids, biceps, triceps—oh my…….where was this video when I was going through anatomy and physiology…??






I also like that she tells you to eat, healthy of course, but working out makes you hungry and she lets you know that you will need to eat the right foods to get results.  The series is motivating and challenging.  One person uses bands so if you travel this is handy, and another modifies the exercises in case you are not in top form starting this series.

I enjoy ChaLEAN and if you are looking for 30-40 minute workouts 3 times a week, I would recommend checking these out.  She uses phrases like, “bring an awesome attitude”, “take time for yourself”, everything in life gets easier”, and calls one of the other people working out “babycakes”…how can you not love that? It is like having your own personal trainer and cheerleader!

There is so much that Beachbody offers, if you don’t like ChaLEAN check out the many different other programs that they offer.  No matter what you are after, Beachbody probably has something for you.

Now in the past I have bought these dvd’s and had a stack of them, but I travel and I like variety so we have subscribed to the Beachbody on demand -this gives me instant variety and I can have it with me at all times for when I travel.  I can mix and match whichever series I choose to focus and have it instantly.

I am entering the last week of the Lean phase of ChaLEAN and am looking ahead to see what I am going to start next. I want to mix it up a little bit and work my muscles differently for a couple of months.

I am thankful for those who posted on Fitbit this morning that got me motivated and into my workout clothes.  The best advice that ChaLEAN gives is to set side aside each day for YOU, use that time to focus on you and your fitness goals.

Hope you have  a great workout!!



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  1. great thoughts on getting motivated! I often get stressed out or overwhelmed and make excuses, but joined in on a FB group and it really helped me stay accountable – so totally and recently actually) agree with that one.

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