A Sneak Peak at Hong Kong-3 must see places!

A Sneak Peak at Hong Kong-3 must see places!

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We only had a day in Hong Kong following a Royal Caribbean Cruise, thankfully we didn’t have to put much thought into what to see, the RCC had already put together a fantastic itinerary for a day trip in Hong Kong and these are the 3 places we visited in a day in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

The name Hong Kong itself seems very glamorous, we flew to Hong Kong in order to take a Royal Caribbean cruise. Because I was trying to conserve my vacation days I did not book extra days in Hong Kong.  I regretted that when the time came and we were there.  It was a beautiful city and as we drove to the pier I was already trying to figure out how we could get back!

While on the Royal Caribbean cruise we went down to the excursion desk and I noticed that they had a day trip for Hong Kong on our final day of the cruise after we had docked in Hong Kong and disembarked.

Royal Caribbean Excursion

The excursion included three stops in Hong Kong and airport drop off after the last one.  This was a great deal as the port is a fair distance from the airport and the taxi fee was fairly significant. Score–we would save money on a taxi and get to see Hong Kong!!

Not only did we get an excursion but we got to get off the ship early and did not have to wait in long lines for customs.  We got off the ship and grabbed our luggage we were directed to a small bus with the rest of our tour group. This was a huge plus on the last day on the cruise ships, there is nothing worse than the last day when you are just sitting around waiting for your section to be released from the ship, then the long lines through customs.



Victoria Peak

The first stop was a tram ride to the top of Victoria Peak.  Victoria Peak is a mountain on the western half of Hong Kong Island.  We were lucky to have a tram that took us up to the top of the Peak, this would have been a really long hike!  The tram moved fairly slow and we were able to view some amazing vistas of Hong Kong on our way to the top.  The peak of the mountain is 1,811 ft. and is the highest mountain in Hong Kong.  

Unfortunately, it was cloudy and it started to sprinkle when we got to the top.  The views from the peak were breathtaking and I cannot even imagine how it would be if it were sunny.  We were not at the peak for long -we only had time to get to the top and take some pictures and then it was time to leave.



Sampan Cruise

Our second stop was the Sampan Cruise, which goes through the Aberdeen Fishing Village.  This was pretty amazing as we went by this huge floating restaurant-the Jumbo Floating Restaurant, the front was elaborate and glitzy…the back of it looked like a third world country.

The contrast with the front and the back of the restaurant was mirrored by the ships docked in the bay.  There were some very nice yachts and some of the boats looked barely able to stay afloat..it was quite the contrast.  The boats we were on had little Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  We enjoyed our cruise around the bay and the buildings lining the shore were very interesting. 



Stanley Market

Our third stop was shopping at Stanley Market, this was a lively open-air bazaar and of course, I was very excited about doing some more shopping after being at sea for the last 2 days.  The primary item that they were selling in the little stores was silk and cashmere scarves. 


I purchased some of the silk scarves, they were brightly colored and had many different patterns to choose from.  I found some cute trinkets for the kids and there was one store that would take a name of choice and write it in Chinese on a bookmark.  They were very unique and I had some made for family members.



On the way back to the airport we saw some buildings with very unique architecture -Hong Kong is a fascinating city and I wish I had taken an extra day of leave so we could have explored it more.  There is a Disneyland in Hong Kong that is quite the draw as well.  This excursion was $72.75 per person and well worth the money. 


I hope this gave you an insight into a few things to do if you have a day to spend in Hong Kong.

Happy Traveling, 



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